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Pakistan 1st Domain Buying & Selling Solution Auctions, is one of the top online auction houses for buying and selling domain names in Pakistan. Our commission is half what the top houses charge, which means buyers and sellers spend less of their money on us and more on quality domains. Any domain name originally registered with thatís allowed to expire automatically goes up for auction in Auctions. Given the size of registrations holdings, this makes for an enormous number and variety of domains available for bid at any given time. Our Domain Auction lists often include names that have been previously unavailable at a wide range of price points. domain monitoring service improves your chances of acquiring domains you want by notifying you when the requested domain is available for public sale. This minimizes the chance youíll miss the opportunity to bid on a particularly promising domain because youíre busy or simply interested in too many domains to keep an eye on all of them. In cases where the domain has more than one interested buyer, all registered buyers are invited to an auction for that name.

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    In 2002 - 2003 Y.I Group launched is located in the heart of Pakistan( Karachi); specializing in providing Professional Hosting, Domain Registration, e-Commerce,Content Management, Reseller Solution & Start Your Own Internet Business.

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