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IBM Lenovo - B570(i3)

IBM Lenovo - B570(i3) in Pakistan.

- Processor - Ci3, Sandy Bridge,2.3GHz

- Memory - 2Gb

Hard Disk - 320Gb

- Warranty - 1+2 Years

Fujitsu Siemens Laptop

Featuring an Intel Celeron processor, 30GB hard drive capacity with 512 memory, DVD Player and 3 USB connections, the Fujitsu Siemens laptop is the perfect notebook for every situation It is Wireless Enabled meaning you can connect to the internet in a wireless hotspot or in any room at home using a wireless modem and you can take web browsing on the go thanks to the popular Internet Explorer web browser and Windows Vista allowing for quick and easy file management.

IBM Think Center

IBM Think Center in Pakistan.

- Processor - 1.8GHz

- Memory - 500Mb

Hard Disk - 40Gb

- Price - Rs. 5,200/-

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