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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay per click (PPC) is an Internet advertising mechanism where Google displays your advertisement and you pay for the clicks that your ad receives. Itís sort of a win-win situation for everyone.

PPC is a win-win situation:
  • Google wins with this because it prominently places your ad at the top for the specific keywords. Naturally, being at the top, you are going to get clicks. Every time a visitor clicks on your search result (i.e. your ad), you pay Google
  • You win because you donít pay if no one clicks - so you are truly paying for eyeballs. And after someone clicks and goes to your site, it is your responsibility to keep them on your site with your content and the experience you provide to your visitors

How can help?, PPC management service is worth it because we take the responsibility to manage your account and you remain free to do your business. We have many price arrangements based on keywords. We have strategically designed our plans so that your cost remains low. We know that with lower cost, you will do volume advertisement. That is where again it is a win-win for you and us..

What is your PPC campaign creation methodology?

We use a three-step process to design your PPC campaign:

  • We employ specially designed scientific techniques to select the best keywords applicable to your site and business. These are field tested to ensure a good match
  • We analyze the keywords and prepare your campaign. We consider both Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter analytics during testing
  • We keep repeating the analysis and implementations until such time as your pay per click campaign is positioned to your satisfaction

Benefits of Pay Per Click Management Services

  • Our pay per click services save you time, effort, and money so you can focus on your business
  • Our professional management of your PPC campaign ensures that your campaign really works the way you expect it to
  • Our pay-per-click service is among the most affordable and effective in the Pakistan

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