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Internet Advertising & Marketing

Internet Affordable and Effective Search Engine & Directory Advertising
No Keyword Bidding, No Bid Management and No Incentive for Click-Fraud
Just Flat Rate Internet Advertising & Marketing Solution

1st time in Pakistan,, is able to provide a Flat Rate Keyword Program that offers online businesses Top 10 Exposure across a large network of search engines and web directories at low, flat fee rates.

We provide the only alternative to PPC that delivers solid value and true benefits.

What we offer is an alternative to the large public engines and the Pay Per Click ad models that they use. We charge a flat fee that is based on the number of Featured Listings.

Our Featured Listings are ad boxes that are displayed to the right of the regular search results when a search is preformed and also regular displayed on Pakistan 1st Internet Advertising & Marketing website i.e
Each Featured Listing is associated with one keyword term which can be a word or logically searchable phrase, that is a phrase that someone might use in a search. Generally, most people do not search phrases longer than 2 to 4 words.

We guarantee top 10 exposure. This means your listing will rotate into a top 10 position on a random basis and how often it appears in a top 10 position depends on how many other advertisers have purchased the same keyword term. If the Keyword that you purchase has been sold 10 times or less it will always be display in the top 10 in the Featured Listing column. We limit the sale of any Keyword to 30 buys, so for Keywords that have been sold more than 10 times we use a Rolling Selection to give each Featured Listing the same chance to appear in the Featured Listing column.

How Our Program is Different From Google AdWords
Flat Rate Keyword Program Benefits
Low Cost
A one-time, flat fee, starting at just $24.00 for 3 Months.
Top 10 Exposure
Through a Rolling Selection System and restricted keyword sales
World-Wide Placement
Your listing featured worldwide on 100's of search engines and web, blog & article directories
Quick Inclusion
Your Featured Listing added within 6 to 8 hours to our entire network of search partners.
Keyword Selection
If a good keyword term is available - it's yours. No keyword management or variable keyword pricing.
No Hassle
No keyword bidding, no bid management and no incentive for click-fraud.
Free Placement of Banner and Ad Page

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2.1 - will reject any submission, and your fee for consideration WILL NOT BE REFUNDED, for any websites that are determined by My-ads.bizto include content, services or products that are:
2.1.1 - Pornographic or containing Adult Content;
2.1.1 - Inflammatory, Offensive or Promoting Hate Literature;
2.1.2 - Illegal or in violation of another person's, or company's, rights or trademarks;
2.1.3 - Gambling Sites that are prohibited by law from being advertised in the USA.

Title & Description

  • Please follow the guidelines below when selecting or modifying your Title, URL & Description choices:
    1) Titles are limited to 30 characters, site Description to 100 characters and URL length to 255 characters. Character limits include spaces and punctuation. There are also limits on the number of uppercase letters that can be used.

    If your destination URL link is too long for the URL form field, use a shortened version (such as your homepage URL) that is within the character limit.

    2) Be concise, clear and accurate in describing your site. Your ad text and keywords should directly relate to your site content. Be sure to mention the business, product or service you wish to promote.

    3) Avoid repetition, excessive capitalization and superlatives that are subjective in nature like "Top Rated", "Best Service", and "#1".

    4) Be sure to check spelling and to use proper grammar and punctuation.


  • Q) What is a Featured Listing?
    A) A Featured Listing is a paid listing where you pay a flat fee for an ad box that will appear in the right column on search results.

    Q) How long is my listing active for?
    Your ad will remain active unless automatic renewal is cancelled, and you will be billed every 3 months or 1 year .

    Q) How much do I pay per click or impression? A) There is no pay per click or impression charge, just the single flat fee per listing.

    Q) How long does it take for my ad to be displayed?
    A) Your ad will be added to our search results for the keyword phrase you selected within 6 to 8 hours.

    Q) Why doesn't my ad show up every time I search my keyword phrase?
    A) We limit the number of listings that can be purchased and rotate the listings that are displayed so that each ad is treated equally, and has an equal chance at appearing at the top of the featured listings. This means that your listing should appear a minimum of one out of every three searches on that keyword phrase.

    Q) Is my ad displayed the same way on all search engines in the paid inclusion network?
    A) No. On most engines, your ad will appear as a Google-type ad box in the right column of search results, but on some engines, it will appear as a Recommended Listing above regular search results or in the right or left columns of search result pages. Additionally on some of the directory sites your listing will only appear if your keyword phrase matches one of their directory categories.

    Q) I've looked and still can't find my ad, where is it?
    A) If you completed the submission of your ad and it is not being displayed in our search results after 8 hours for your selected keyword term, contact Please provide us with the name and email address that you used to purchase your ad as well as your URL, the keyword phrase you selected and any order numbers we sent to you.


  • 1.1 - The Featured Listing program is a fee-based service provided by to consider your site for inclusion into the & Partner(s) site(s) Featured Listing Section under a specific Keyword or Keyword Phrase for a period of 3 or 12 months. Inclusion in the Featured Listing Section is not guaranteed and is subject to the inclusion rules stated in Section 2(SITE CRITERIA) of this agreement.

    1.2 - The fee for consideration of a Featured Listing DOES NOT GUARANTEE THAT YOUR SITE WILL BE INCLUDED.

    1.3 - The fee for consideration WILL NOT BE REFUNDED if your site is rejected due to content.

    1.4 - The number of Featured Listings allowed for any given Keyword or Keyword Phrase is limited and therefore the selection of a particular Keyword or Keyword Phrase may not be available. Your fee WILL NOT BE REFUNDED if the Keyword or Keyword Phrase you selected is not available. However, you may select a different one.