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e-Mail Marketing

eMail marketing helps businesses remain in touch with their target audiences through newsletters and communications. This medium is effective and affordable for businesses of all sizes.

What is email marketing?

In the offline space, marketers rely on direct marketing through advertisements in magazines and newspapers and by sending print newsletters. Direct mail is one of the most effective methods of marketing for increasing conversion. eMail marketing is the digital form of direct marketing.

Merits of email marketing:

  • Access a wider audience across the world
  • Cost-effective form of marketing
  • Deliver messages to targeted audience
  • Instant feedback available when the email is viewed
  • Keep track of email marketing campaigns via analytics tools
  • Monitor all your campaigns from one dashboard
  • Determine the success of each email campaign using intelligence gathered from statistical reports
  • Provide free coupons, invitations, sale reminders, and holiday marketing messages
  • Increase your sales and profits
How can help?
  • Perform an internet search of your targeted audience
  • Put together a database of prospective customers
  • Draft effective copies of emails
  • Work with you to finalize the email content
  • Determine the frequency based on your target, budget, and SEO
  • Deliver email on relevant dates
  • Collect and analyze effectiveness data
  • Execute a plan based on a larger vision of success for your email marketing campaigns

The email addresses can be;
  • Categorized by Country and City
  • Categorized by Occupation
  • Categorized by Profession
  • Categorized by Age

Statistics And Reports;
  • Total eMail Sent
  • No of Emails Opended
  • No of Emails Bounced
  • No of Emails Unopended

Daily Unique eMails
Total Unique eMails
Total eMails
1 Week
PKR .4,000
2 Weeks
PKR .8,000
4 Weeks
PKR .12,750

NOTE:: All emails will be send through Dedicated SMTP Bulk eMail Server

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